MediCarbone has 1 licensed patent from the University of Arizona; 2 patents approved for publishing and many other patents in the works

  1. Compositions and methods for treating bone fractures
  2. Systems and methods for bone repair and management using biocompatible polymeric resin
  3. Methods for creating, inserting and removing an intramedullary sleeve system for bone treatment and stabilization

MediCarbone’s idea stands in sharp contrast to current options available: the in-situ setting of a polymeric IM device that can be tailor-made for patients and removed as required using a minimally invasive procedure. In-situ forming polymeric IM rod options exist, but none of these solutions involve IP or technology that can be tailor-made for patients and that could be removed on-demand.

To mitigate the risks involved with intellectual property protection we have developed a robust strategy to keep our technology unique and protect our IP through freedom-to-operate (FTO) strategies. We have identified the competitive edge that we have over our competitors; taken necessary steps to protect our IP; and established collaboration with industrial and academic partners to develop our product.

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