A Revolution in Bone Repair

MediCarbone’s patented carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer application delivers a minimally invasive, game-changing alternative to current intramedullary (IM) nailing techniques.

Low-Cost. Minimally Invasive. Patient-Personalized.

MediCarbone’s intramedullary fixation device consists of two major components: an intramedullary sleeve and an injectable, rapid-cure polymeric resin system.

MediCarbone Bone Repair Technology
MediCarbone photocurable bioresin
MediCarbone non invasive removal

AI Technology For Easier Selection and Customization

Our unique artificial intelligence (AI) tool analyzes patient data to determine the optimal size, shape and materials of the composite device—to ensure the most effective bone-fracture treatment.

A Strong Pathway to Regulatory Submission

North American Science Associates (NAMSA) is the world’s only 100% medical device-focused, full continuum Contract Research Organization. Driven by its global regulatory expertise and in-depth therapeutic knowledge, NAMSA is dedicated to accelerating medical device product development efficiently and cost-effectively. MediCarbone has partnered with NAMSA to receive guidance on the regulatory pathway, evidence requirements, and pre-clinical and clinical testing plans necessary for FDA regulatory submissions.

Born from a premier research university, backed by a proven team, and bolstered by patented technology and FDA-approved materials—we seek to revolutionize bone fracture repair through minimally invasive, customized intramedullary nailing technology.

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