MediCarbone is Revolutionizing the IM Market

MediCarbone focuses on the development of an implantable carbon sleeve; custom-designed photocurable polymer formulation; and AI component that that come together to create a revolutionary solution. MediCarbone’s innovative, cost-effective approach has the power to benefit patients across the globe—fixing orthopedic injuries in civilian, military, degenerative bone disease and veterinary applications.

Our Team

Our team and advisory board contain multiple Ph.Ds, orthopedic bioengineering experts, chemists, orthopedic surgeons and proven medical entrepreneurs.

Hamid Saadatmanesh, Ph.D, PE
Hamid Saadatmanesh, Ph.D, PECEO
Sadaatmanesh is the inventor and CEO of MediCarbone and has thirty-three years of academic research experience in Structural Engineering—with several NSF awards under his belt. He has 10+ patents; 100+ peer-reviewed publications and proceedings; and 10+ book chapters. His previous company was acquired by Dow Chemicals.
Abiraman Srinivasan, MPhil, Ph.D
Abiraman Srinivasan, MPhil, Ph.DCTO
Srinivasan has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of orthopedic bioengineering. He has published 16+ peer reviewed papers and won several DoD grants over the past 10+ years. The previous awards that he won were focused on development of orthopedic biomaterials for long bone and craniomaxillofacial repair.
Krishna Kolan, Ph.D
Krishna Kolan, Ph.DVP R&D
Kolan is the lead engineer and has more than 10 years’ experience in the areas of biomaterials, 3D printing, design and prototyping devices for bone repair and regeneration. He has published 20+ peer-reviewed papers and is inventor/co-inventor of four patents.
Kevin Frederick, Ph.D
Kevin Frederick, Ph.DProduct Development Chemist
Frederick is a materials engineer and product development chemist who completed his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona; his dissertation was on the design and synthesis of photocurable and reversible adhesives.

Be on The Front Lines of a Fracture Treatment Revolution.

MediCarbone uses FDA-cleared polymer components, and the device is moving rapidly toward clinical trials. North American Science Associates (NAMSA)—the world’s only 100% medical device-focused, full continuum Contract Research Organization (CRO)—will provide guidance on the regulatory pathway, evidence requirements, and pre-clinical and clinical testing plans to help MediCarbone towards FDA regulatory submissions. Learn how you can get involved now—and take advantage of a IM market that is expected to reach $1.2B by 2030.