BioMedical Associate Scientist

The person in this Biomedical Research Associate role would assist in the daily lab maintenance and research related support tasks including various aspects of cell culture, biomaterial design and processing, and device design and fabrication at MediCarbone, Inc.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

• Mammalian cell culture: standard cell culture techniques, media preparation, cell expansion, cell storage, cell characterization using molecular biology and protein assessment techniques, ELISAs, Westerns, enzyme and/or multiplex assays, extraction/sample preparation
• Tissue culture: tissue growth in vitro using scaffolds and cells, and the characterization of these systems using molecular biology and protein assessment techniques, as well as imaging methods
• Biomaterials preparation for 3D cell culture: to prepare and assess specimen shapes useful for cell culture
• Assisting in order and stock levels, making lab stock solutions for assays and culture medium
• Share responsibility for lab maintenance duties
• Work well independently and in collaboration with colleagues across various functional groups. Supporting scientists, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate students working in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and orthopedic device development
Protocol write-ups and updates of general lab activities. Document all experimental procedures and data in electronic lab notebook
• Present results, conclusions, and implications to the group


Basic Requirements:

BS in biological sciences, biomedical engineering or bioengineering or related background.
2-3 years of biological laboratory experience after graduation is required.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master’s degree is preferred
Background in cellular/tissue engineering, device engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering is helpful.
Histology expertise with bone tissue and soft tissue will be a plus.

Job Type: Full-time

Work location: Tucson, Arizona

Visa Sponsorship: Sponsorship will not be provided for this role. Must have a valid work permit or be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen.
Pay Scale: $50-55k or commensurate with your experience

Note: Benefits are not provided at this point of time, but this position has potential to grow with the startup. To apply for this position please send your resume/cv to [email protected]